Customized Plans to Pursue Your Individual Needs & Goals

The foundation of the long-term relationships we form with our clients is based on gaining a complete understanding of your individual financial goals. With over 50 years of wealth management and financial planning experience, we want to help you pursue your financial goals. But more than that, we believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust and communication.

Like many of our clients, being small business owners ourselves has taught us that you can provide superb, personalized service at a reasonable price. We don’t just check a box for “moderate” or “aggressive” risk tolerance, we base our investments on a deep understanding of your financial goals and formulate a plan to help get you there.

Unbiased, Independent Advice

Too many wealth management firms push a one-size-fits-all approach to investing on their clients, often because the advisors are incentivized or required to promote a specific in-house mutual fund. As an independent firm, we are able to offer unbiased, independent advice and steer our clients towards investment decisions that are in the best interest of their unique financial goals. What’s more, our independence gives us access to non-proprietary platforms and the full universe of investment options.

No Transaction Fees

The decision to make a trade or not make a trade should only ever be influenced by one goal – maximizing the return. We don’t believe our financial advisors should be incentivized by making a trade, but instead take a holistic approach, recognizing that in certain markets, making fewer trades is often the best move we can make.

Constant Communication & A Personal Approach

Maintaining a personal, long-term relationship with each of our clients is one of the joys of managing an independent firm. We believe in constant communication with our clients, in up or down markets.
Investment is a practice based on science, not emotion, and we help our clients through that process by keeping them informed and helping them work toward their goals.